Cryogenic & Marine Services

Nitrogen Purging

Nitrogen purging for vessels, cargo tanks, pipelines, plants, terminal and offshoreWe provide a comprehensive range of specialized purging services designed to suit the customer’s industrial needs. Our experienced engineers are trained to deal with all aspects of purging requirement and industrial environment.

  • Vessels
  • Cargo tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Plants & terminals
  • Offshore
Tank Blanketing / Tank Inerting

Nitrogen blanketing using Liquid NitrogenTank blanketing is carried out on loaded cargo tanks where hot work is needed to be done on the deck. The Nitrogen gas serves as a buffer layer over the cargo inside the tank in order for hot work to be carried out safely, reducing the risk of tank explosion and other unexpected accidents.

Tank inerting is to eliminate the possibility of combustion of flammable material stored in the confined space by maintaining a chemically non-reactive gas such as nitrogen in the cargo tank.

Pipeline Freezing

Pipeline Freezing using Liquid NitrogenPipeline freezing is carried out to keep the main control valve in operation during any maintenance, repair and modification work on air duct or water pipelines.

Commissioning of Vessels, Tanks & Pipelines

Design, supply, install and commissioning serviceOur engineers will be deployed on-site to ensure all systems and operational components are checked, inspected, tested, and verify its function according to the design objectives and specifications.

Other Services

We worked closely with industry leading equipment and testing partners as well as patent owners to enhance our capabilities and solutions to our customers. The range of services includes, but not limited to:

  • Cryogenic valve leak test
  • Gassing up & cooling down of cargo tank
  • Cryogenic recovery, storage & reloading