History of SSB Cryogenic

nitrogen purging and other marine servicesIncorporated in 1996, SSB Cryogenic Equipment Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Sing Swee Bee Group, focuses on providing cryogenic and hydrocarbon bulk liquid, ISO tank leasing, repair, maintenance and re-certification services to the gas, marine and offshore industry. The company is the owner and lessor of the largest fleet of T-75 ISO tank in Southeast Asia, providing transportation and distribution support, as well as the supply of bulk liquid on both constant and turnkey basis to the gas and marine industry.

SSB Cryogenic Services Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SSB Cryogenic Equipment, specializes in a wide range of cryogenic and marine solutions such as marine purging, non-destructive testing, and the turnkey project solutions.

SSB Cryogenic Services has been providing non-destructive testing to LNG membrane carriers since year 2003. The company saw a demand for LNG membrane repairs as the number of LNG carriers has grown rapidly throughout these years, from the beginning of approximately 200 LNG vessels in 2003, to more than 400 vessels today. And among these figures, a large percentage docked in Singapore shipyards for repair service.

As the industry developed and market become increasingly competitive, the company sees the need to transform its LNG business to move up the value chain. Therefore in 2016, with a high degree of inter-partner fit, SSB Cryogenic Services1 and Gabadi2 entered into a joint venture partnership agreement to develop local capability in retrofitting, repairing and non-destructive testing of LNG membrane vessel, as well as in the provision and construction of small-scale LNG membrane vessels and precast storage tanks.

Through this collaboration, it allows the company to bring in the engineering technology, expertise and experience in LNG membrane construction to this region, and also enhances the company’s small-scale LNG supply chain solutions to our clients in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

1   One of the few companies in the world certified by GTT to render Global Test for GTT’s membrane containment systems.
2   The first company to obtain TALA license from Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) as an outfitting company for LNG membrane vessels.