Non-Destructive Test (NDT)

Global Test

Global Test is a specialized non-destructive test (NDT) designed to evaluate the integrity of the primary and secondary barriers of membrane containment systems. The test is carried out in accordance with approved Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) procedures, to check on the operational status of the membrane containment systems.

We are one of the few companies in the world (the first Singapore company) certified by Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) to render LNG Global Test for GTT’s membrane containment systems.

Helium Leak Test

Non destructive testing for membrane containment system (MARK III, NO 96, CS 1)Non destructive testing for membrane containment system (MARK III, NO 96, CS 1)Helium Leak Test is carried out to localize the leakage on the primary membrane system. As Helium is a non-toxic, inert gas, it is commonly used as a tracer gas for various leak test applications such as membrane cargo tanks, pipelines, and welding point leak testing.

Acoustic Emission Testing

Acoustic Emission Testing is a type of non-destructive testing method to locate any structural defects such as cracks, corrosion or deformities in the secondary membrane system, by analyzing the sound wave signals caused by the defects and discontinuities in material and structure. Information such as the origin of the defects can be collected by analyzing these signals.

Vacuum Box Testing

Non destructive testing to check for any weld seam leaksVacuum Box Test is used to check for any weld seam leaks. This is accomplished by applying bubble leak solution to the welded area, creating a differential pressure across the weld using a vacuum box and pump. Any bubbles formation indicates where the leakage is.