Turnkey Project Solutions

Design, Supply, Install and Commissioning

LNG transferring service and provision of equipment for LNG tugWith a dedicated team of engineers working seamlessly as part of the customer’s team, we provide a complete and project-specific solution in the design, supply, install and commissioning aspects that corresponds to the project requirements.

  • Mini LNG Plant
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Supply System
  • Cylinder Refilling Plant
  • Cryogenic Storage & Vaporization System
  • CNG Station
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Production & Recovery Plant
  • LNG Liquefaction Plant
  • LNG Custom Regasification Plant
  • LNG Receiving Terminal
  • LNG Refueling Station
Small-Scale LNG Supply Chain Solutions

Through continuous improvement, innovation and process streamlining, we expanded our business in the LNG industry by providing both onshore and offshore small-scale LNG transportation, distribution and supply chain solutions, helping clients to break-up their LNG cargoes and redistribute to smaller markets, and also to locations that are inaccessible to large LNG tankers like islands and archipelago states in an effective and efficient way.
Small-scale LNG supply chain

Small-Scale Distribution to End-user

Small-Scale Distribution to End-user